KIM Siyeon

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    Siyeon Kim is a filmmaker born in Korea and photographer who graduated from National School of Photography(FR) and studied philosophy at Paris-Sorbonne University. Post-diplome National School of Fine Arts, Paris, France. In Film directing from the Korean academy of film arts.
    She was awarded the 16th LVMH Young Artist Award in 2009(FR). Based on the themes of solitude and loneliness, her works attempt various expressions based on the visual imagination of humans and cities. [LOST](2020), Special Mention, Montreal International Film Festival(CA). [Decalcomanie](2020) has been official selected Sitges International Film Festival (ES), Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BE), Busan International Film Festival, Bifan(KR), Imagine Fantastic Film Festival (NL). [City Rhythm](2019) has been invited and won awards at various film festivals including Ars Electronica Festival(AU). My Name Is O90 has been selected for the Venice Immersive section of the 80th Venice Film Festival 2023



    "You get a job. You become the job." As Wizard says in the movie "Taxi Driver" (1976), there are figures that are given to us that are made through the accumulation of time. If you look into it over and over again, and express it, although you may or may not be able to obtain the straight answer, there will be a vague definition and a color that best represents a person.


    These are the series of works I produced: [Refrigerator] which started from collecting daily data, [Quiet Days] which collected the cycle of emotions, [Terra], [Dollhouse], [Stations] which deal with the abandoned nature, and the thoughts on the home and objects. The works were produced in the forms of photography, videos, installations, texts, and so on. [Modern Refrigerator] is the work of the two-channel video installation and photography that shows how I, as part of people's daily lives, enter the non-overlapping colors, and the stored products that resemble the individual's life, along with the world of the bar code which reveals everything about the product.
    This work was presented at "Nuit Blanche" in Paris, while the [Neo-Modern Refrigerator] was exhibited at the Culture Square of the Korea Creative Content Agency. It depicts the loneliness of modern people through 3D printing and will be expanded to a three-channel video installation and a part of data art: I discover the scenes that imply the hidden aspects (economy, society) from the way of life that exists beyond the refrigerators.

    3. A way of communicating - Communication

    : [A Heart She Bought] which I directed in 2008 when I attended the ENSP in France, is a work regarding relationships and communication based on eight short episodes. And [Muja], which entered the finals at the Seoul Asia Short Film Festival, deals with the indifference we have to the sufferings of others, by using the victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery as its subject. [Quiet Days] was taken in France, and expresses the loneliness of people living alone, and how their lives enter a state of mechanical repetition. This work was selected for the finals of the Arte Laguna Festival in Italy. Since 2016, I have directed both a movie and a short film called [Closer To You] which was screened at the Market of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. In 2018, I produced a short film dealing with love at the Korean Academy of Film Arts. For about 4 years, as I reflected on the paths my works should take, I realized that I have been working on the theme of the surrounding environment, people's emotions, and the city after all. Thus, I will continue to work on how the hierarchy, the hierarchical structure, and the compromise composition of the urban members are created, and the actual events that awaken the mechanical repetition of life, and what the scarecrow-like living would actually look like, all presented as a metaphor.
    I certainly enjoy the virtuous circle of the moments that stimulate my curiosity, such as looking at the raw environment, securing the room to think clearly and make the changes, and most importantly, finding the beauty in everyday life.

    Since 2017, I have produced a number of works such as the art documentaries Apartment, Haenyeo (female divers), and Urban Rhythm as a series that centers around things that are disappearing.

    The surrounding environment, the city, and people's emotions are central to her work, which focuses on hierarchical structures and how people who have compromised hierarchical order change society, and on the actual events that awaken the mechanical repetition of life.